Village didn’t slight Xmas

Village didn’t slight Xmas

Last week The Great Neck News was kind enough to print my “letter to the editor” regarding the holiday banners in the CVS parking lot in the Old Village.

At the time I wrote the letter I thought I had all the facts but I was wrong. Information reached me from other sources and the banners in question were not put up by the Village of Great Neck.

As I stated in my letter the CVS store manager told me and another party (on a different occasion) that the Village had hung the banners. Assumed the CVS store manager would know who hung banners on their property but guess not!!! Thank you CVS.

So the hung banners are a mystery, I know they were not placed by the Village of Great Neck and I apologize to them for inferring in my original letter that they were (facts at the time).

The original point of the letter stands that if there is a Happy Hanukkah banner then there should be a Merry Christmas banner and not an all inclusive Season’s Greetings banner.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all.

Diane Conroy

Great Neck

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