Village of Great Neck Plaza to consider emergency plan changes for buildings

Village of Great Neck Plaza to consider emergency plan changes for buildings
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In an effort to bring in an extra level of protection to the public while taking some burden off local firefighters, the Village of Great Neck Plaza Board of Trustees agreed to look into a proposal which could require emergency response plans in buildings to specify responsibility for the proper function of emergency systems.

At a regular meeting Dec. 15, Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender said the issue, brought to her attention by the fire department, was something that might need deployment.

“The village is looking to focus the responsibility and liability to the facility itself, not on volunteer firefighters,” said Celender.

If the plan goes through, each building would be required to designate and train personnel to maintain and reset alarm systems.

“Not Joey fireman who wakes up at four in the morning and is half punch drunk and wants to go home,” said Great Neck Plaza Commissioner of Public Services Michael Sweeney.

The board agreed to schedule the proposal for discussion during the second board meeting in February.

Also at the meeting, the board heard objections by Sweeney to a Dec. 9 written proposal from the Manhasset-Lakeview Water District requesting a standardized road opening permit for repairs to fire hydrants, water mains and service lines.

“For lack of a better term, it appears to be self-serving for the water district,” said Sweeney. “My only concern is that they want an over encompassing building permit that allows for the excavation at their beckon call.”

Sweeney said the water district could literally come to Great Neck Plaza, dig up a street, then patch it up without supervision. “If someone is not here not to baby sit it … I’ll be chasing tail after the fact.”

Celender said working with the village is usually “simple” for most districts and authorities. She stated no need to grant the request.

“Mr. Sweeney has given us ample reason as to why we are not doing it,” Celender said.

The board unanimously agreed to have the mayor send a response letter back to the water district requesting that the situation be handled in a different manor.

Also discussed at the village hall:

• The board formally authorized the clerk to advertise a Jan. 5 public hearing to consider the revised building for 245-65 Great Neck Road. “I’m sure there is something we are going to have to do with respect to it, so we’ll do what we can do and if we have to continue it we’re just going to keep them on,” said Celender.

• The board authorized the advertisement of public bids for the replacement of the village street sweeper. “They’ve done the best job they can do to repair it, but it’s time,” said Celender.

• The board approved a conditional use permit for Advance Hair Removal, which will move to 5 Great Neck Road from its current location at 9 Bond Street.

• Deputy Mayor Ted Rosen arrived late. All other board members were present and on time.

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