Whatever it is, Christ’s got it

Whatever it is, Christ’s got it

Although businesses have operated at its current location since the 1880s, Chris Smith said that Christ’s Plumbing has only in recent years found its niche as a plumbing supply store specializing in hard-to-find faucet and toilet replacement parts

“If we don’t have it, you aren’t getting it,” said Smith, a co-owner of the business at 1310 Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park.

“There was a only one other store locally who had the same speciality items such as replacement faucet and toilet parts we have, and now they aren’t in business,” Smith said. “The person who owns that business is now selling parts for us out on the road, and we picked up most of his contacts. One example of a speciality item we have is curtain valves for an American standard toilet that is more than 60-years old.”

Along with plumbing supplies, the store also carries heating supply items selling both retail and wholesale.

While the building in which the plumbing supply store is located has been around since the 1800s, Smith said, it was not always a plumbing store. It used to be a general goods store and changed owners over the years, he said.

Smith runs the plumbing supply store with his business partner Joseph Carraher, after the previous owner left to take up a civil service job.

Smith first starting working at the plumbing store more than 20 years ago after graduating high school and worked his way up from a counter position. He took over the business with his partner 10 years ago and added their own style of leadership to the store, he said.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss,” Smith said. “After we took over we implemented our own set of rules. We believe in selling a better product at a better price.”

Smith himself is not a plumber, but has a lot of family members who are and said he sees himself as an entrepreneur. He said his employees would describe him and his partner as “too easy.”

“Joe and I are very hands on type of guys,” Smith said. “If I see the employees need some help behind the counter I will jump right in. You won’t find me sitting in the office all day. If I’m here I’m at the counter.”

Smith said the economy’s difficulties in the last three years has led to an increase in people buying replacement parts rather than new parts.

“With the economy the way it has been, people are simply not going out and buying new items,” Smith said. “We’re seeing them go towards buying more replacement parts and that is good for business.”

Smith grew up in Lynbrook and lives in Kings Point with his wife and 12-year-old son.

Working in New Hyde Park, Smith said the village has always been good to him.

“We appreciate all the help they have given to us over the years,” Smith said. “We even help supply them with parts to the Village Hall.”

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