Readers Write: Martins priorities on county ethics wrong

Readers Write: Martins priorities on county ethics wrong
1- Jackson Avenue School celebrated the grand opening of their “Learning Garden” with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by students, teachers and administrators on May 21. Photos courtesy of Mineola School District

This Sunday’s Newsday published an interesting article by Robert Brodsky.

Brodsky reported, “In an interview last week, Martins said Singas ‘has demeaned the role of her office’ by advocating for ethics law changes that do not involve criminality.”

 Since when is it demeaning to advocate for ethics reform? Perhaps Martins is more concerned about colleagues, and even family, who may no longer be able to receive county contracts once disclosure is mandatory.

 Everyone knows our county government is rife with corruption.

A vote for Laura Curran represents a vote against corruption and patronage. Please join me this Election Day, Nov. 7, in electing Laura Curran our next Nassau county executive.


Tina Rothpearl, JD


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