Readers Write: Suozzi plays politics in supporting Trump’s Jerusalem plan

Readers Write: Suozzi plays politics in supporting Trump’s Jerusalem plan

Throughout his short tenure in Congress, Rep. Tom Suozzi has painted himself as an unapologetic advocate for Democratic and progressive values. 

That is why I was shocked to read your recent article, “Suozzi agrees with Trump on Jerusalem.”

Donald Trump knew (or should have known) that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and promising to move the U.S. embassy there would enrage the Palestinian people and their regional allies, put U.S. diplomats in harm’s way and make the already distant prospect of a two-state solution virtually impossible.

Yet, Suozzi defended Trump’s impulsive, nakedly political decision, while still claiming the United States should work toward a “durable and sustainable peace” under the two-state model.

Well, how does Suozzi propose we achieve that “durable and sustainable peace”?  He can’t possibly believe that Palestinian negotiators will be mollified by Trump’s empty promises of future concessions or that this inflammatory decision will accelerate the peace process.

Clearly, Suozzi has made the political calculus (as have many other Democratic politicians) that there is no room for nuance in this conflict and that his only choice is to lend unqualified support to the Israeli right.

Well, that is not Suozzi’s only choice. 

He could choose to stand up, hold American, Israeli and Palestinian leaders to account and be a true advocate for peace. 

Instead, he’s cheering on those actively working to destroy peace in exchange for some nebulous political payoff.

If you live in Suozzi’s district (New York’s 3rd), be sure to call his office at (631) 923-4100 or (202) 225-3335 and let him know what you think of his decision. 

Maybe his constituents can push him to do what he already knows is right.

Matthew Zeidman

New Hyde Park

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