Editorial: Arnold Drucker for Nassau County Legislature District 16

Editorial: Arnold Drucker for Nassau County Legislature District 16

Arnold Drucker has established himself as a knowledgeable legislator with a strong command of the facts and a reasonable but forceful voice for Nassau County Legislature District 16 since taking office in 2016.

Drucker is seeking re-election on the Democratic line against James Asmus, of Syosset, who is the vice president of strategic planning and sales at Deer Park-based Able Rigging Contractors. He is also serving his third term as commissioner of the Jericho Water District. He is running on the Republican and Conservative lines.

The revised district map includes Old Bethpage, Plainview, Woodbury, Syosset, Muttontown, Brookville, Old Westbury, and Roslyn Heights.

Within the Legislature, Drucker serves on the Finance, Public Works, and Health & Social Services committees. He is also a ranking member on the Planning, Development, and Environment and Government Services & Operations committees.

Drucker was recently one of five county Democrats to call on Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman to fulfill a campaign promise and deliver $128 million in tax relief for this year’s county budget, which did not come to fruition. 

He has also advocated for fixes in the county’s dysfunctional assessment system, accurately calling the county’s Department of Assessment “a rudderless ship adrift at sea” that needs a qualified county assessor in charge. 

“We have inaccurate assessments and that results in grievances, which results in refunds and creates a big economic drain,” Drucker said. “We have to now borrow money each year to pay for these tax refunds.”

He has called for the tax roll to be “unfrozen immediately.”

He has also been a much-needed proponent of affordable housing in Nassau.

“We have an unsustainable economy because of the lack of affordable housing,” he said. “We have the brightest and best minds who are educated in the highest performing high schools in the country and they never come back because they can’t afford it.”

Drucker was one of the only Democrats in the county Legislature who supported the much-needed push for affordable housing in Nassau based on transit-oriented housing.

This is the kind of smarts and courage needed in the county Legislature.

Asmus has called for Nassau to fix its assessment system and increase police patrols and says he opposes “high-density urban plans” that don’t actually exist.

Blank Slate Media strongly endorses Arnold Drucker for Nassau County Legislature District 16

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