From the Right: AOC is hopeless ideologue

From the Right: AOC is hopeless ideologue

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently posted on her Instagram account a video that claims the inflation talk is “propaganda” promoted by greedy corporations.

That allegation is absurd.

Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, overall inflation has skyrocketed. It is up 15%.

Dairy products are up 24%, ground beef +21%, roasted coffee +21%, soups + 24%, poultry + 24%, frozen fruits and vegetables +24%, and flour has jumped a staggering 34%.

As for energy costs, diesel fuel is up 64%, home heating oil +63%, gasoline +54%, propane + 25%, natural gas 25% and electricity is up 22%.

As for wages, the Census Bureau reported medium household income, adjusted for inflation, fell last year by $1,750 to $74,580. It is down $3,670 from 2019.

Those are facts, not “propaganda.”

This is not the first time AOC has distorted reality.

In December 2021, AOC claimed that the “smash-and-grab” crime wave was a hoax. She said this despite miles of videotape that police and retailers possess that prove otherwise.

Then there was the time in July 2020 when AOC declared on social media that the surge in crime was due to “hungry people stealing loaves of bread.”

The fact was at that point in time, acts of petty larceny were actually down 7% while murders were up 27%.

When called on her misstatements, the self-righteous AOC said it didn’t matter because she is “morally right,” even if her facts are not.

AOC, a dedicated Democratic-Socialist ideologue, is truly out of touch.

Why? Because if she faced facts, it would contradict her ideology.

Ideology is a much-abused word. Many who bandy about this term are under the mistaken notion that ideology is synonymous with strongly holding philosophical or theological truths. On the contrary, ideology is instead a system of ideas or rigid abstract formulas mixed with scientific jargon and some empirical facts that claims knowledge about reaching perfection in the temporal order.

Ideologies are pseudo-sciences constructed around simple equations concerning man’s complex relationship with the body politic. They are promoted as secularized redemptive creeds to justify or legitimize power grabs.

The art of politics for ideologues, the renown historian Jacob Talmon has noted, “is the application of their formulas to society and the final purpose of politics is only achieved when the ideology reigns supreme over all fields of life.”

Because ideologues believe they are omnipotent, their formulas to manage mankind cannot be challenged regardless of the facts. As a New England transcendentalist once quipped, “if the material facts differ from the truth, so much the worse for the facts.”

While the ideological formulas may vary, the ends are the same: domination. Since ideological formulas are absolute, no dissent is tolerated. For ideologues, the party line is the only line—the total line.

In the case of AOC, she subscribes to the Democratic-Socialist ideology.

Their radical platform calls for a hiring freeze of police and fire officers, the decertification of police unions and associations, the elimination of all misdemeanor offenses, the termination of prison expansion funding, the closing of local jails, the end of police occupation of black and brown communities, and the disarming of policemen.

The Democratic-Socialists want to nationalize water, gas, electric, telecommunications, media, banking, insurance, investment and real estate corporations.

They also want to increase income tax rates, real estate taxes, financial transaction taxes, capital gain taxes, corporate taxes, and to institute wealthy and luxury purchase taxes.

No doubt AOC is convinced that when the tenets of her ideological platform are imposed and are properly administered by Messianic elitists like herself, society will be transformed into a harmonious secular paradise—in other words “Heaven on Earth.”

But anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that AOC’s socialist platform if implemented would only lead to chaos and despair—just as it has in every country that has been governed by analytical creeds that supersede practical experience.

AOC is a hopeless ideologue who so far has talked a lot on Instagram and has accomplished little in the halls of Congress. Be aware, however, she and her confreres will never rest in their quest for absolute power. And they will rationalize most any means to achieve that end.

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  1. “They also want to increase income tax rates, real estate taxes, financial transaction taxes, capital gain taxes, corporate taxes, and to institute wealthy and luxury purchase taxes.”

    Actually, this is just restoring some semblance of the previous tax regimens we had in the past, before you guys decided that mass looting by private equity, homelessness and child hunger were ennobling traits for this country.

    The author of “The Catholic Voter” calling someone an “ideologue” is an unparalleled level of projection. Carry on…..


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