Real Estate Watch: Homeowners need to be proactive

Real Estate Watch: Homeowners need to be proactive

Well I believe I provided you a tremendous assortment of important ideas, items and chores to perform in and out of your home during the fall and winter months to keep you or your contractor very busy.  

Remember, being proactive and protecting your home, condo, coop or commercial property from deteriorating and maintaining its’value, will go along way when it comes to the point of selling or even refinancing.  

Banks will look at your property and potentially give it a solid value, because you have kept it up to date and hopefully in pristine condition.

Now that you have thought about, begun or finished those things you needed to do this fall to clean, fix and upgrade.  

Your thoughts now turn to the next step, and now you are considering putting your home, condo, coop or commercial properties on the market for sale.  

You have looked at your place as a buyer would, inside and out.  How are you going to advertise your property?  Will you being hiring a professional photographer or be a do-it-yourselfer, taking so, so photos?  

Those pictures and descriptions will potentially tell a story and it will be necessary to give it the proper spin, exposure and marketability to the purchasing public.  

When a buyer sees your listing, will he or she dwell on the pictures and information or pass it by?  That will solely depend upon how you display and lay it all out.  Will you need to stage your place, throw out the clutter or rearrange and store out of sight, those things that will not be advantageous to your viewings?  Are you going to do open house dates and want to stay home every Saturday and Sunday.  

Would you rather spend the time relaxing and not worrying about all the necessary details, processes and day in day out marketing of your home?  

Will you place ads in a general newspaper or a specific niche paper within certain ethnic groups and demographics or will you construct a website.  What income levels will you want to advertise to?

What websites will you be imputing your domicile upon so everyone will start observing its most positive aspects and features.  Do you have a website?  Will you build one?  What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Key search words, meta tags, algorithms, pay per click ads?  

How about, Twitter, Linkedin, Craigslist; which ones work and will provide you the real buyers?  

Who will qualify the buyers, ask for their qualifications on income, credit, debt/income ratios, commitment letters?  

Is their income/assests, credit and debt/income ratios sufficient to pass the coop board?  Who will fill out the applications for your buyers?  After they see your home, will you be in a strong or weak position to call them back?  If you were a purchaser and a seller called you back, what would your thoughts be; that the seller is motivated/desperate to sell?

Many ideas, thoughts and game plans go into getting a home, condo, coop or commercial property sold and finding that elusive buyer.  

Do you do your own dental work or perform an operation on one’s self; of course not But many think, even in this hot market, that they can be their own realtor.  

There is obviously a multitude of details to work through and to get to the closing and then sometimes your think you have done an exemplary job and the deal falls apart with no professional there to help you salvage it!

Yes, selling a property is no small task even in today’s hot local market.  One of the major keys to getting it sold is the marketing and merchandising aspect of the process.  

The right tools, ideas and plans are absolutely necessary in coming to a successful conclusion and getting to the closing.  

Technology has made vast strides in exposing your property to the Globe; but how will you do it, if you do not have the needed tools at your disposal.  

Yeah, everyone says it is easy, but realistically, homeowners do not have readily available what is necessary to get their home properly exposed all over the internet where the major audience is looking.  Will your listing be mobile friendly?  

More important, an excellent, savvy broker will almost always seek out the best purchaser and almost always get you more money, even with paying out a commission, than if you sell on your own.  

Homeowners historically, receive 5-8 percent less when selling on their own, because, buyers know to take off the commission and then sum, so It truly is a losing battle today to do this on your own.  

I believe real estate will always have a need for a one on one relationship with a tried and true Professional; although much of the information necessary to a buyer is on the internet, who will guide them through the process is where we come into play, as a realtor steps into the action.  

A “Cream of The Crop” Broker will have at their disposal what is necessary to advertise and seek out those most qualified purchasers without being in a weak position as a homeowner is, for we do not get attached to that commodity and become impartial to the transactions.  

Our job is to find the best customer by advertising all over in the most desirable locations and then qualify, qualify, qualify those buyers and narrowing them down, til just the right one comes along and “Needs” your Home and not just “Wants” it.  The emotion sets in and price becomes a bit secondary.  

It’s all in the promotion and how you make the buying consumer feel when you put your property on the market.  There maybe millions of people viewing, but it only takes one buyer to purchase.

Next weeks article will be a surprise, so stay tuned in and we’ll see you next week!


Enjoy a More Healthier, More Happier, & Hopefully More Prosperous 2015!


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