Kremer’s Corner: First 100 days too big a lift?

Kremer’s Corner:  First 100 days too big a lift?
Daughters of the American Revolution visit Port’s Historical Society / Photo by Robbie Lager

There is no doubt that I am a partisan. Using that term means I am a Democrat and I prefer my party to the current Republican Party.

But being a party supporter shouldn’t prevent you from being objective about your leaders and their actions. President Joe Biden’s 100-day period of governance is over and I am giving him a B for his performance.

Joe Biden took office at the worst possible time. The nation was still in the midst of a Covid crisis. There was no plan for the distribution of vaccines and the federal government was short on all of the essential items that were needed to continue the fight.

The Jan. 6 insurrection had further divided an already divided country. And to add to the national misery, thousands were waiting at the southern border, anxious to live the American dream.

In a few short weeks, the new administration produced a comprehensive plan to distribute vaccines as quickly as possible. That plan was brilliant and it enabled the president to meet his goal of at least 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. It was so efficient, that the president was able to up that number to 200 million.

The next step for the president was to get more money into the hands of struggling Americans. He pushed through a $1.9 trillion economic recovery plan, which put $1,400 into the hands of millions of suffering citizens.

In addition, the plan provided new dollars for families with children. Despite mindless opposition from the Republicans, the package was passed along party lines.

Within days after President Biden took office, officials at the U.S. border in Mexico reported that a deluge of children and adults were banging at our door, seeking admission to our country.

Up to the time the Biden administration took office, the only plan of the Trump administration was to erect a high wall to keep people out. There were insufficient personnel and few facilities to house the new arrivals.

Now, three months later, the number of children waiting for processing has dropped from 20,000 to approximately 5,000 children.

Cases are being put through the system much faster and over 20 new facilities have been created with abundant health and security staff. The proof that the Biden plan is working is that there are no more site visits from elected Republican officials, seeking to politicize the issue. To add to the success, efforts to unite children with their parents are starting to work with happy results.

As part of his efforts to get his program through Congress, the President has begun traveling to various states promoting infrastructure funding. His poll numbers are great and he has even convinced a large number of Republicans that he is doing a good job. Unlike the first round of money for the unemployed and the needy families, this package of benefits will be much harder to sell.

There is no question that the country is hungry for fresh dollars to fix up its weakened bridges, archaic road systems and dangerous water supply systems.

In addition, I can attest to the fact that programs for children such as pre-kindergarten work. In addition, there is a desperate need for getting broadband access in rural communities throughout the country.

I disagree with Republicans who claim that infrastructure money should just be for traditional construction projects. Today’s definition of infrastructure is much broader than the one we used 50 years ago.

I believe that the multiple Biden proposals for the Congress to consider may be too much for any member to digest and support. There are so many terrific ideas in the packages.

Fighting child poverty, tackling global warming, job creation and uplifting the middle class are spectacular ideas but the cost of doing all of these things at once could diminish public support. The voters want change and that is what they voted for, but the size of the packages could diminish public support.

Which leads me to his tax proposals to pay for the many new ideas. I don’t believe that all people making over $400,000 a year are rich.

I think raising the capital gains tax is a good idea, but not doubling it. I think making hedge funds pay more than 15 percent on their income is brilliant.

But the tax package overall is too big to swallow. The next election in 2022 will decide control of both houses. Doing too much at one time could be fatal for the Democrats.

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  1. “I don’t believe that all people making over $400,000 a year are rich.”

    God help us. I can’t find the words.

    I know that we live in privileged bubble, but this statement is completely out of touch with reality. There’s no other way to put it.

    “I think raising the capital gains tax is a good idea, but not doubling it.”

    This is only, repeat ONLY, for those earning over $1,000,000 a year. The simple truth is we tax labor at three times the rate of rent seeking capital, and that’s what got us here.

    Not Mexicans. Not China.

    The call was coming from inside the house all this time, and this has to be explained to people. The EFFECTIVE tax rate for people earning less than $50,000 a year is higher than anyone earning $400k.

    I guess a million a year is just middle class these days.

    I read the articles from Long Island’s political class religiously. And the plain truth is they live a parallel universe that is completely detached from the experience of over 99% of Americans and they believe to their souls that even these modest policy responses are somehow “radical.”

    Biden, to his credit, has fully grasped the challenge of restoring the economic equilibrium we once knew. I never thought he had it in him, but he knows exactly what he needs to do.

    The Long Island Democrat still clings to a false construct of “moderation.”

    Biden is the moderate. Long Island Democrats aren’t even as progressive as Rockefeller Republicans.

    Read the room, guys. We’re here to fix things, and not prolong anyone’s misery. The wealthy have been free riding since Reagan took office and it’s time the ship was righted.

  2. Not a passing score
    Completely undermined any stability anywhere in this country

    Voter integrity is critical for all Americans Voter ID

    Finish the Wall already paid for so immigrants have designated areas to enter – chaos at border with crime and children unfortunately trafficking

    Check outrageous prices for all Americans for all items especially gas

    Economy compromised

    War is now threatening

    Hacking already occurred

    Small businesses destroyed with lockdowns and ‘peaceful’ riot protests

    Police defunded

    Cancer culture

    Religion persecution

    Virus corruption in politics

    Stop the extremes

    How can anyone sleep at night

    Where is the moderate middle of the road America to save this country from the quick 100 days of damages done in a such a short period of time- and mostly by executive orders.


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