Kremer’s Corner: Suozzi is shaking up a sleeping body

Kremer’s Corner: Suozzi is shaking up a sleeping body

Politics is a grueling business. You show up for work and try to please your constituents. Years can go by and almost no one notices what you are accomplishing.

But on rare occasions, you get your 15 minutes of fame and the spotlight shines on you. Tom Suozzi is getting that opportunity and he is using it in ways that could make 215 Republicans very unhappy.

Elections come and go, but the recent special election to fill the George Santos vacancy attracted national attention.

When the results were in and Suozzi was declared the winner, Suozzi’s name and face was on the front page of every newspaper in America.

During his numerous interviews, he shrewdly used the once in a lifetime opportunity, to tell the world that the House of Representatives was a dysfunctional, non-achieving body.

In addition to telling it like it is, Suozzi preached that it was time to get some work done on a bipartisan basis.

There is no doubt that his comments will not make the House majority start functioning like a legislative body, but the general public has to be reminded how bad Washington is and Suozzi has done a public service by reminding the nation of that fact.

It is now official, that the current House has established a record for having done the least legislative work of any body in the past 50 years.

To date the Republican majority has failed to pass any major bills and has spent almost all of its time trying to figure our how to impeach President Biden.

Their recent vote to impeach Secretary Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkis doesn’t count as an accomplishment.

Luckily for the country, Suozzi has held on to the spotlight and is using that precious time to highlight the failings of the House majority and the need to listen to the nation and what it wants.

The country is tired of the fact that a small handful of rabid conservatives has obstructed an entire body from anything in behalf of the people.

Given the opportunity, such members as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, would shut down the House completely and throw the nation into complete chaos.

Suozzi is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of bipartisan members that have tried mightily to get some meaningful legislation passed.

They have recently come up with their own border security legislation that has attracted support from many of the members from both sides of the aisle.

While their bill hasn’t been embraced by the leadership, they are showing that a small group of Democrats and Republicans are trying to do something.

Suozzi’s victory has also highlighted the fact that the Democratic minority is the only body that is making things happen.

The government has remained open thanks to the fact that the Democrats have provided the votes to keep it open. Without Democratic support, the 60 plus Republican MAGA faction would get their wish to blow up the place.

Based on his current notoriety, Suozzi will have the chance to advocate for his colleagues to get back to work and start doing something meaningful. He can continually remind the public that the House is paralyzed and it is time for the Democrats to regain control, so that something gets accomplished.

There are only a few precious months left before the House goes into recess and to date no the major funding bills have passed

The prospects of any major legislation passing are linked to the Speaker Mike Johnson, who to date has been unable to get his members to act as a unified body. Because any one member of the Republican majority can offer a motion to oust Johnson, he is pandering to a small faction of the members to stay in his job.

Johnson’s vulnerability guarantees that the majority will finish the year with nothing to show the voters in November.

Fate and the voters have put Suozzi in a unique position where he can advocate for changes to the broken system and be able to attract a great deal of public attention at the same time.


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