Readers Write: New GCP civic group offers answer to area problems

Readers Write: New GCP civic group offers answer to area problems
Photos Provided by Rivkin Radler

Bravo to Mr. Rudd and Mr. Zimbler for taking action where they saw no action. All too often we see organizations and agencies that become ineffective or simply wane in their enthusiasm to maintain the mission, resulting in a less than desirable status quo. 

Eventually, due to inattention, organizations can fail to meet the expectations of the communities in which they serve. Moreover, many residents within a community choose merely to ignore the results, or lack thereof, from their civic associations. 

But not Eric and Jack. These two gentlemen realized that sometimes, if you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself. Or is it, the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Either way, their devotion to the community and desire to see real change is inspiring. 

I have always wondered why the town allows the commercial areas around Denton Avenue to remain in such unsightly conditions. 

I have noticed a change in recent months, but there is certainly room for improvement. It appears that Residents for a More Beautiful Garden City Park may be on the right track.


Andy Negretti

New Hyde Park

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