Reader’s Write: People are a species all their own

Reader’s Write: People are a species all their own

I have been giving some thought about the Williston Times article of Feb. 1, 2013 “Mineola Senior Discovers New Species?”

Gabrielle Ward’s discovery of possibly a new spider species. I have some comments to make but they will be clearer if I relate some of my mental wanderings on the subject.

It is said in regard to all that lives a physical existence on our planet that it does so in life breathing forms. The life that is not physical-temporal but external being embodied physically in order to develop, gain experience and especially regarding humans, to gain knowledge.

One may consider that it is over eons of time that the life and the forms of the various levels have developed to their present condition and that it would be illogical to assume that with each new birth, hatching or whatever it would be a brand new life  starting from ‘scratch.’

I leave all that said as is. Obviously, the space allotted for this article does not provide me a defense  against every possible criticism that may be made for what I am saying. I do however have the right to ponder things as I wish and it is all open for discussion.

Evidence (literally uncovered) definitely confirms that there were once those early humans who have been dubbed Cave,  Stone-age and Cro-Magnon to name a few. Who were they? We were them! We have come a long way and have improved likewise the physical bodies we have inhabited throughout the ages. Metamorphosis-the key word.

Jump to the Spotted Owl. There has been the effort to save this owl which may fail for sound reasons. The effort should be made to see if there is what appears to be a seemingly new species of owl appearing. The Spotted Owl could be in the process of being metamorphosisized (Is this Latin?).  Should that be the case, the time will come when the old becomes sterile as there will be no more life entering the egg to be hatched.

A body only lives due to the life that inhabits it. A time may come when the owl that was once spotted won’t be spotted any more. Take that as you wish.

Perhaps that is the case with the spider Gabrielle Ward discovered combing through leaves in the Pine Barrens. Most people only rake leaves or get someone to do it for them. Maybe some should do some combing out there to see if a known species has disappeared.

Possibly Miss Ward’s discovery is that species’ metamorphosing and actually not a new species.

The human race is a somewhat different story however.

Being that we have free will and have for ages gone our own way for good or otherwise, we are each a species as evidenced by our individual DNA and the fact that we put our own stamp on the bodies we are born into. Even with the same parents, siblings all look different.

So: I am a species. Miss Ward is a species. We all are species.

Charles Samek


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