READERS WRITE: R. Gardens renters treatment 2nd class

READERS WRITE: R. Gardens renters treatment 2nd class

It’s a sad state of affairs when the homeowners of Russell Gardens are concerned that the apartment dwellers will affect the value of their property by using the Russell Gardens park and tennis courts. 

We are the same people who send our children to the public schools, worship at the local synagogues and churches and attend community events in Great Neck. 

As an apartment dweller and owner of an apartment building in Great Neck, I am appalled by the attitude of the Russell Gardens homeowners. We live in a building where there is a wide range of professionals.  How demeaning it is to constantly question and challenge that we will devalue your neighborhood. 

I was under the impression that segregation in the U.S. was over, but apparently it is alive and flourishing in the Village of Russell Gardens. Don’t worry, my family does not plan to use your facilities. We take advantage of the Great Neck facilities where we are welcome.

Enjoy your park and tennis courts.

Marjorie Goldstein

Great Neck

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