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Ms Swirsky claims that Trump and the Republican party stand for law and order. Let’s list some examples of Trump and his Republican enablers disregard for the law. Trump sought and received help from a foreign, adversarial government- Russia- during the 2016 campaign. Trump paid hush money to Stormy Daniels during the campaign and failed to report it as campaign spending. Trump issued a ban on Muslim travelers which was blocked by the courts as an illegal infringement of religious freedom. Trump separated refugee children from their parents at the southern border. A judge ordered all the hundreds of families be reunited but the Trump administration has refused to comply. Trump again sought help from a foreign power- Ukraine- in the 2020 election, for which he was impeached. The Republican controlled senate refused to hear new evidence or testimony at his trial. Trump illegally profits off his office, in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, by conducting government business at his private country clubs. Trump pardons convicted criminals, as long as they praise him and keep their mouth’s shut about his criminal actions. Trump praises dictators the world over. He doesn’t say a word about violent repression of free speech in Hong Kong or anywhere else but he disrespects our democratic allies. Trump routinely attacks the free press. Trump practices nepotism- giving unprecedented access and power to his daughter and son-in-law. Trump and his enablers defy lawful congressional subpoena. Trump does not utter a word of reproach to Putin for paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan but follows Putin’s orders to remove US troops from Germany. Trump and his henchmen dispatch unidentified troops to states that don’t want or need them, to foment violence and chaos on American streets. Trump appoints cabinet officials who don’t believe in the work of their departments. He installs a Postmaster General to sabotage the Post Office and thereby suppress the vote on November 3. Trump’s Attorney General William Barr has said he will violate Justice Dept. practice and release the politically-motivated Durham report before the election. Both Trump and Barr have said they may not accept the election result. These are your great law abiding Americans, Ms Swirsky. They rank right up there with Bolsinaro in Brazil, Xi in China, Putin in Russia, Modi in India and Duterte in the Philippines- dictators and demagogues all.

Lee Parker
[email protected]

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