Readers Write: Bait and switch in Village of Great Neck

Readers Write: Bait and switch in Village of Great Neck

There are those who say everything done legislatively in government and education is all about the process.  I am disappointed that the Wu slate running for mayor and trustees of the village of Great Neck not only ignored but trampled that process. 

I called Village Hall to find out who was running against the incumbent mayor and trustees.  I was told that petition sheets were submitted with the names James Wu, William Groel and Eric Beerman listed in the positions for mayor and trustees respectively. 

A day later, when the letters of acceptance for the three candidates were supposed to be signed and notarized, trustee candidates Groel and Beerman, whose names were on the petitions, had signed letters of declination.

They did not wish to run on the slate within 24 hours of their petition submission.  What happened? 

After James Wu submitted his letter of acceptance, he then submitted two substitutes for the trustee positions. These two candidates were not on the petition sheets. 

Questions that should be asked:  Why did both of the original trustee candidates drop out after less than one day?  Why, after less than one day were these other candidates ready with letters of acceptance?  

The people who signed the petition should ask themselves, do they trust a campaign and a candidate that does such a bait and switch?  Why didn’t Mr. Wu choose his running mates more carefully?  Why are his current running mates not his first choices and on the petitions?  

This makes you question the methods and motives of this mayoral candidate.  I for one am appalled and I feel that this candidate has duped the signatories of his petition.  

David Kahen

Great Neck

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