Readers Write: Best Thanksgiving ever with President Trump

Readers Write: Best Thanksgiving ever with President Trump

This is my fifth letter showing my gratitude to have Donald Trump as my president. The previous four cited 97 reasons. Here are nine more.

n a recent letter, I described China’s government as evil. The noted media personality, Gordon Chang, said it more articulately than I did when he described China as the Third Reich of the 21st century.

It is estimated that China has about 1000 concentration camps where they intern over two million people. This population consists of Falun Gong (a type of meditative cult), ethnic minorities, and political dissidents. The purported reason for these camps is “re-education.” However, a major element of this “curriculum” consists of horrible forms of torture, execution, and organ harvesting.

If you think about Japanese vivisection experiments on American pow’s in World War II, Dr. Mengele, or Planned Parenthood, then you now have a clear picture of what goes on there.

Outrageously, Google, The Wall Street Journal, multi-millionaire basketball players, and letter writers to the Roslyn Times have no compunction about doing business and trading with this “new Reich.”

Apparently, the moral standards and opprobrium they heap on those who did business with the original Reich, do not seem to apply to them. I label these people as enablers of evil. How about you?

Let me know when CNN and FOX news embed journalists amongst the demonstrators in Hong Kong as they demand their legitimate civil rights. After all, the left has been telling us for decades that human rights are universal.

Those of you who are still hallucinating on the idea of a benevolent Communism might not appreciate the following. China is using its “Belt and Road Initiative” to expand its influence. They send thousands of Chinese workers to populate infrastructure projects to connect with multiple countries.

While they portray this as a win-win for everyone involved, they actually get many of these countries indebted to them. Much of this “cooperation” is done by bribing government officials to betray the interests of their own nations.

Once the debt-trap is set, default follows. The Chinese then claim to own the infrastructure they have built and also lay claim to the natural resources of the host country as an alternative payment to offset the debt.

The infrastructure is also administered using a company named Huawei. The 5G technology that this company employs, stolen from American companies, is designed to allow for spying and cybersecurity attacks.

First, congratulations to Donald Trump for being the only world leader with the courage to confront the Chinese. Further congratulations to Donald Trump for having the vision of initiating the Blue Dot Network.

In cooperation with Australia and Japan, the U.S. is starting its own infrastructure network to compete with the corrupt BRI. Vietnam and India, feeling the most heat from China, will eventually be on board. Credit that strategy to Steve Bannon.

Let me turn to other, unrelated, issues. Trump is cooperating with Saudi Arabia to stop the predations of the regime in Iran. Unlike any previous president, Trump insists and gets the Saudis to actually pay for the use of our military resources.

In regards to another issue, let me begin by saying that I am pro Kurd. I support the idea that the 35 million Kurds deserve their own country.

Certainly, more than the Palestinians do. Trump got a lot of flak for withdrawing American troops in front of the Turkish incursion. Of course, those critics, who offered no help to our warriors in Mogadishu and Benghazi, seem to have no problem asking 400 American fighters to stand their ground while 10,000 Turkish troops bear down on them.

Trump had no choice. Erdogan’s phone call to Trump was a courtesy call to tell him to get the Americans out of harm’s way. But Trump, being Trump, had to make a deal. He wanted something for the apparent disgrace of pulling back. He got it.

Erdogan gave up the hiding place of Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi. It is well known that the Turks have cooperated with ISIS for years. This includes purchasing the oil from “the caliphate” at below-market prices and reselling it for a profit. Treachery and betrayal are no strangers to the Middle East.

Several days later, the spokesman for ISIS, Abu Hassan al Muhajir died in an airstrike while riding in the back of a tanker truck. Great job. Two in one week.                                Let’s make it a trifecta. In September, Osama Bin Laden’s son and heir, Hamza, was annihilated in a U.S. counter-terrorism operation.

The firing on Fort Sumter was the first military action that started the civil war in the United States. The modern equivalent of secession from the federal government are the sanctuary cities and sanctuary states forbidding the cooperation of state and local governments with U.S. immigration authorities. Trump will challenge California’s migrant sanctuary law at the Supreme Court.

Don’t be persuaded by disinformation from letter-writers to the Roslyn Times. 2018 worker earnings are up 3.4 percent annually. The best since Regan years.

The census bureau statistics show 1.2 million households entered the middle class. This is the largest expansion of the middle class since the 1960s. In addition, Americans are weaning themselves off their dependency on government programs. E.g. 6.7 million dropped their food stamp enrollment. Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP are down by 2.7 million.

There is ridiculous talk about “emoluments violations” by Trump.

Now Trump has called for an investigation into the Obamas. They started as very ordinary middle-class people but now are worth about $200 million. Michelle Obama got an outrageous amount of money for her book deal. They have no TV experience but received $80 million for a Netflix contract. So who is profiting from the presidency?


Dr. Wayne Roth

Roslyn Heights

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  1. Except Trump hasn’t done anything about China’s human rights abuses, or Turkey’s or Russia’s or Philippines or anywhere. His faux concern for religious freedom is concentrated on ending women’s reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights, not actual freedom of religion or most assuredly standing up for what Christianity purports to care about (charity, protecting the vulnerable).
    Nor is Trump actually concerned about corruption – except if he can spin it to attack a political rival. Indeed, he has imported the corruption techniques used by tinpot dictators and oligarchs, and exported his corruption to Ukraine which was making inroads to purge its democratically-elected government of corruption. (Check Giuliani. Check Energy Secretary Rick Perry.)
    As for Emoluments – don’t know how you compare the earnings that Obama legitimately made before and after his presidency by writing books, to the millions of dollars taxpayers are forced to spend at Trump properties, or that corporate special interests and foreign dignitaries are spending to successfully curry (buy) favor.
    And far from draining the swamp, the swamp is draining government. All anyone needs to be hired (“the best” “the greatest”) is to praise Trump on Fox News; all that is needed to be fired is to be accused of not hanging his portrait in the Embassy. And when his corrupt no-talents are caught (Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Roger Stone) he claims not to know them. Such courage! Such a hero!
    Make America a Democracy Again.

  2. “E.g. 6.7 million dropped their food stamp enrollment.”

    SNAP benefit recipients peaked in 2013 and have been in decline since.

    As with all other economic metrics, Trump and his supporters claim credit for the progress of his predecessors. Another egregious example was the White House Council of Economic Advisors, now a politicized mouthpiece, announced record exports for U.S. oil.

    Unfortunately. it was Obama who lifted the ban on oil exports that were put in place by President Nixon under the first oil crisis. He also approved the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline that facilitates the exports out of Port Arthur.

    People can be led to believe anything.


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