Readers Write: Biden must join nations that condemn Hamas rockets

Readers Write: Biden must join nations that condemn Hamas rockets

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have launched over 2,500 rockets indiscriminately into all parts of Israel, as of this writing.
Germany and other countries have condemned these terrorist organizations for indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel. Israel did not start this war. Israel is defending itself.
Most governments, including the U.S., agree these are terrorist organizations.
When Israel sent rockets into Gaza in response to thousands of rockets launched into Israel, the owners of buildings containing Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders and media,
had been called to evacuate their buildings, so that not one person in these buildings were killed.
It is well known that Hamas keeps their rocket launchers and military headquarters in the middle of Gazan neighborhoods, using women and children as ” protective shields.”
Although President Biden has said Israel has a right to defend itself, Biden should also condemn the terrorist organizations who started sending thousands of rockets indiscriminately into Israel, as Germany and other countries have already stated.

Marshall Hubsher

Port Washington

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