Readers Write: Bral’s campaign made religion an issue

Readers Write: Bral’s campaign made religion an issue

I am writing about some troubling personal attacks that have been made against Steve Markowitz by Jeffrey Wiesenfeld because of Mr. Markowitz’s support for James Wu in his bid to unseat Great Neck Village Mayor Pedram Bral.

Many in the village have been dissatisfied with the mayor’s administration, including a large number of officials who have left his employ. Bral’s tenure has been characterized by ineptitude and secrecy and Wu ran a legitimate, if ultimately unsuccessful, campaign. Throughout he disagreed without being disagreeable. That cannot be said of Bral or his supporters. 

Though religion and party membership have been used as cudgels against Markowitz, his support of Wu had nothing to do with faith or affiliation because local contests have never been about that. The charge that Wu and Markowitz are anti-Semitic is offensive and unfounded. Indeed, it is Bral’s campaign that was marked by threats and intimidation and an attempt to make religion an issue when not only does this run counter to the facts, it violates our electoral system and the establishment clause.

Indeed, Markowitz is and has been a high-profile participant and contributor to community organizations including Temple Israel, Chabad, SHAI, the Gold Coast Arts Center, the Village of Great Neck Zoning Board, and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. His support of Wu was only in the name of doing what he thinks is best for this community, something Markowitz’s resume shows he has consistently done during his 40 years of living in Great Neck.

Rita Hall

Great Neck

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