Readers Write: Column critical of Trump outside mainstream

Readers Write: Column critical of Trump outside mainstream

Just picked up today’s Great Neck News and read Karen Rubin’s “Opinion Piece” (page 16).

Was alarmed to see her highly biased content branded as the “Pulse of The Peninsula.”

It is not and the column title should be changed.

Unless you have data that shows that her views are representative of the majority of Long Islanders, I suggest that in the  interest of journalism, accuracy and honesty, that you rename her column.

Suggesting that her anti-Trump and anti-military content is not just hers, is a false narrative, misleading and a true disservice to your readers.

As far as her personal, bully-like assertions, as a retired military officer, I can assure you that history reflects that the role of our military service has always been that of “peacemaker,” contrary to what Rubin implies.

History also teaches us that “Peace Through Strength” is a proven antidote to threats to America’s national security.

Deplorably, her words and misguided opinions serve to dilute the pride that America should hold for its military, particularly on Memorial Day.

The statements “Trump craves to be a War President” and “He needs an enemy to march against” are malignantly untrue, specious and ridiculous.

He was elected because Americans realize the clear and present danger that is festering around the world and he knows that America, without allies, cannot thwart the active and imminent threat that grows daily.

He also knows America’s interests and defenses have been miserably neglected.

We need partners to deter the massive threat to our society.

His recent useful diplomacy to re-establish bonds with other nations of influence is breathtakingly hopeful as a solution to stop terrorism and slow down the horrific and violent ambitions of bandit nations like Iran and North Korea.

Rubin is entitled to her minority opinions (albeit arcane and misguided), but please don’t mask them as mainstream in your paper.

Mike Greece

Great Neck

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