Readers Write: COVID-19 is now a pandemic

Readers Write: COVID-19 is now a pandemic
The coronavirus is now a pandemic and is now affecting the whole world with sickness and death. In New York, emergency measures are being undertaken by Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.
All of our favorite sports are being suspended or cancel. Wall Street is going down and losing ground. Our economy is reaching dangerous territory and the lights are going out on Broadway.
We are living in a world with much technology where we believe nothing is impossible. And yet our world is being disrupted by a disease that we cannot see but yet can bring us down to our knees.
This disease does not care if we are rich, poor or famous as Tom Hanks has proven by coming down with the disease.
So who is king of our world now? The nations of the world must come together to fight this enemy. And if all else fails, let’s pray to our God and creator for his unfailing loving care for help. Are we not his children who are hurting?
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

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