Readers Write: Democrats suffering from Trump Insanity Syndrome

Readers Write: Democrats suffering from Trump Insanity Syndrome

Whether one is watching the sustained meltdown of the leftist electronic media or reading the liberal columnists of this and other newspapers over the 2016 election of President Trump, it is clear that their condition can now be categorized as chronic.

It’s hard to decide if what we’re witnessing is more comical than pathetic.

But it’s really not hard to figure out. These are the people who like, embrace, support, and vote for the following:


·         High taxes.

·         Strangulating regulations.

·         High unemployment.

·         Especially sky-high unemployment of blacks.

·         A weakened military.

·         Open borders – look at their full-throated defense last week of the mass-murdering gang MS-13.

·         Giving Iran, the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism, $150-billion dollars to help them develop nukes, while every day the murderous mullahs of that country promise to destroy America and annihilate Israel. They like that.  

 They also liked meeting with virulent anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan a couple of weeks ago, which made every single Democrat in Congress way too busy to attend the move in Israel of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Then, predictably, they offered an impassioned defense of the Hamas terrorists who tried – unsuccessfully, as usual – to disrupt the historic event.

 How do we know liberals/leftists/progressives like all these things?

Because for eight long years, while Barack Obama implemented them, they said not one single solitary word of objection….not a peep!

Meanwhile, their bête noire, President Trump, is as impervious to their blathering invective and juvenile temper tantrums as any fully-actualized adult would be.

As the economy zooms upward, and unemployment plummets to all-time lows, as NATO members are now paying their fair share for the first time since the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949, as Obama’s created ISIS is on the brink of extinction, and as U.S. relations with China and Japan and the Koreas are at all-time high, what do liberals care about the most?

Raising taxes and abortion. Really.

Unfortunately, for the chronic nature of this liberal malady – Trump Insanity Syndrome – there is no end in sight and no cure. But, as the expression goes, that’s their problem.

Boo hoo.

 Joan Swirsky

Great Neck


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