Readers Write: Government ‘floundering into complete chaos’

Readers Write: Government ‘floundering into complete chaos’

How long are we. and those who represent us, going to watch the nightmare of a government floundering into complete chaos?

The Republicans who still are sane have to stop Paul Ryan’s attempt to kill Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and while they are gathering their courage, they should dump their insane mean-spirited budget?

Fortunately, many Republican members of both houses of Congress have strongly signaled their opposition to both bills.

They have emphasized that millions of citizens will lose coverage, that Medicaid transferred into block grants to the states with not only be insufficient, but the amounts will not be increased in the future.

Health savings accounts that individuals would need to pay premiums are a joke.

Most of us cannot save enough. I devoutly wish that Trump, who promised coverage for all, will see the error of his ways.

And we must cast out the abominable lobbyists who influence our lawmakers into keeping private health care insurers and the pharmaceutical companies who will not relinquish their pound of flesh. (Other countries have had the humanity and courage to have done this.)

We are being cheated every day when we do not force our legislators to adopt Single Payer universal coverage.

A New York Care Act has passed in the New York State Assembly twice.

We must get our Senate to do it and we will benefit greatly. In the meantime, let’s get rid of Tom Price, a physician who is already suspected of profits from illegal stock transactions relating to health stocks.

Not the perfect person to be the head of Health and Human Services.

I really am sure that some of the Congress  realize that if they try, they can reassure Trump’s followers that this is no way to implement plans that he promised would fix the nation’s problems.

His advisors have to be pushed  into admitting that we are descending into chaos; some obviously lack the courage to argue that some of Trump’s circle are plotting to squash “…the administrative state.”

We cannot survive as a nation as long as we support this confused man-child as the figurehead of our society.

His conspiracy theories, tantrums, and outrageous lies deflect concentration on our real problems.

Furthermore, our patience is certainly being damaged by Trump’s shameless antics, telling us nobody is interested in his income tax returns, assuming that we are not watching him mount rallies to talk of his victories, The costs of these adventures, and his trips to his winter White House at Mar-a-Lago, either for a day of golf or with guests with whom he can easily discuss important matters in Washington,D.C., cost, each time, $3,000,000!

Of course, he can escape to his hideout without challenges of troops of journalists and, incidentally advertise his club, thus increasing the membership fees that go into his wallet.

But how any Meals on Wheels could that pay for?

Haven’t you had enough?

Do you really still believe that he will fulfill his promises to a hopeful nation?

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park

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