Readers Write: Gun control opponent misstates the facts

Readers Write: Gun control opponent misstates the facts

This is in response to Joan Swirsky’s letter which appeared in the Blank Slate Media Newspapers on April 6.

I feel sorry for Swirsky for two reasons.

First, she lives in Great Neck which is known as a “hotbed” of liberalism. She would be much happier surrounded by the right-wing fanatics who are her heroes.

Second, she doesn’t get her facts straight, to wit, leftists “want to confiscate every gun in America.”  Not even close to the truth!

Surveys by the Pew Research Center and John Hopkins University show that about 85 percent of gun owners favor universal background checks which the NRA opposes.

Then there are many gun owners like Gabby Giffords and her husband former astronaut Mark Kelly who head up a leading sensible gun control group and are themselves proud gun owners.

Finally, in a revelatory moment, we can discern where her Neanderthal ideas come from. No one uses terms like “one world government” and “nanny state” unless they’re living in the past or are devotees of Rush Limbaugh and the Fox Noise Network.

Concluding, with a self-righteous bit of gratuitous advice, we are admonished not to adopt the Rodney King dictum “can’t we all get along?”

Have I been mistaken?

I thought that the essence of the Judeo-Christian tradition was “to get along.”

Mea culpa!

Dr. Hal Sobel

Great Neck

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