Readers Write: Hate and humanitarian concerns

Readers Write: Hate and humanitarian concerns

In the article printed Dec. 29 titled “Take Care of the Jews first, their haters last.” the writer castigates Mr. Haber, in being Jewish, as wrongly being concerned with the welfare of Syrian Arab refugees.

Not satisfied with criticizing the order of Mr. Haber’s humanitarian concerns Mr. 

Katz, revealing himself as an extremist, then continues to assail the entire Reconstructionist Synagogue as being faux Jewish. 

 The writer presents that helping Jews must be prioritized over helping Jew haters. Arabs are singled out as Jew haters. The writer maintains that  kindness and compassion towards the Jew haters is wasted and futile.

Mr. Katz cites the only thanks Israel has ever had for their great  humanitarian efforts in providing disaster medical relief and in particular regarding Palestinians has been more jihadist bombers, killers, and more  rockets fired by Hamas.

Is there any mention of Palestinian resistance to their  land being taken, homes being demolished, and or of a native Semitic people having their existence erased by non-Semitic east European colonists?

Of course not! Mr. Katz’s point and message is that “Arabs are murderous Jew haters!”

The dead from every Holocaust roll in their graves.

The history of mankind reveals and repeats itself. Bias rules over sense!

The reptilian brain celebrates! Hate leads to violence.

Violence leads to more violence. Is there no hope?

I ask the Port Washington Times: “Please refrain from printing all articles feeding racism and hate. Please publish articles promoting understanding.

Please publish for compassion, justice, and peace.

                                                                                                                                   James Ansel

                                                                                                                                     Port Washington

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