Readers Write: Here a Bright Star

Readers Write: Here a Bright Star
Dr. James Haklar: Solar eclipse photos taken in white light and ultraviolet light

Here a bright star

Sweeps away the night with its brilliance

breathing life to our world,

a great tide rolling like a breeze to water

turn my morning thoughts clever.


Shimmering the green grass with pearls of dew,

honey drops dangle from the eaves like fireflies

and tiny crystal prisms.

Illuminating from tree to roof to street to me,

urging all the bold hues it can muster

everywhere completes an earthly story.


Dark patches of birds

hidden among the leaves of trees

shake these sleepy streets with their sighs—

tender notes—Awaken!


All the blooms of spring,

all the joy and laughter,

all the gentle moments and beauty

wash over my dark depths—life’s hectic pace

and harsh lines—are but moments of a dream

that soar without restraint!


If sometimes I still long for the pace

of my childhood leisures,

it’s because ahead lies infinity,

even though I don’t know what it is.


But if dreams can set sail of their own accord

to distant shores without me, I will be lonely.


Let’s sit here a while under the infinite sky

you and I, watching the moments fly

and sip cups of coffee in our garden

taking portraits.


If this is paradise at least there’s the sun,

the ever-radiant sun!

Its energy carries us on a journey

in all its wonderful variations.

I thank the heavens for one more day

and that I’m in it.

Stephen Cipot

Garden City Park

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