Readers Write: Ills of globalism, Dem policies are real

Readers Write: Ills of globalism, Dem policies are real

I was made aware of a recent “hullabaloo” over a recent letter by one John O’Kelly by several people.

This week, he explains that it was the Great Neck News which inferred some “Christian” victory in the election of Donald Trump, rather than Mr. O’Kelly.

I did find his idea that only personalities with Jewish surnames were worthy of mention in his letter disturbing.

On balance, however, having read his retort in its entirety, I offer the following, as Jew, by the way:

Globalism is a very bad phenomenon for Jews. Its hostility towards Jewish safety is best exemplified by the UN, itself the worst international investment ever made by the US. Brexit was a good omen for British Jews — perhaps they will have that many less radical Muslim persecutors in Britain (as for Belgium, France, Germany and so many others — too late — even with potential electoral surprises on the way).

Rabbi White is an interesting fellow. He’ll censor Mr. O’Kelly, Pam Geller, Steve Emerson and all kinds of people, but break bread with questionable “interfaith” partners from an infamous Brotherhood (including people from an institution who blamed 9/11 on the Mossad and CIA, which sought to “shame Islam”); utilizes sermons for political attacks rather than religion; falsifies the meaning of “tikkun olam” through exaggeration and expansion of a term that calls only for world improvement through God’s sovereignty; and generally has more liberalism in his Judaism than Torah.

Not that I am such an angel, but I don’t use my faith to justify my politics.

George Soros is evil personified.

This entire newspaper would be insufficient to begin to touch upon the damage he does to this nation, Israel / the Jewish people, currency manipulation, his unique and ugly view of the Holocaust – where should I even begin?

The Jews blindly vote 75 percent for Democrats and will likely continue to do so even if Farrakhan-disciple Keith Ellison is successfully moved to DNC chair by Chuck Schumer, Alan Dershowitz’s threat to leave the party notwithstanding. This is a Jewish social and political pathology which I detailed several months ago in this publication.

But  there is a God.

How else to explain the benevolence of Donald Trump towards Israel in the wake of such limited Jewish support for him?

I hope my fellow Jews are reflecting on where we would be in the wake of the Obama administration’s engineering of the illegitimate Resolution 2334, which is, in fact, a nullification of Resolution 242 — which was the only UN map ever to a possible peace — if the Democrats were coming back to the White House.

Ergo, when I look at the two sides here, I stand with John O’Kelly.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck

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