Readers Write: In support of Barnwell for Village Judge

Readers Write: In support of Barnwell for Village Judge

Steve Barnwell is a longtime friend of mine and is running for judge in the Village of Mineola. Although we know it’s going to be difficult to replace an iconic man like Judge O’Shea, I believe Steve would be the perfect person for this position.

Currently, he has been doing a fantastic job filling in at the Mineola Village Court as Acting Justice. He is down-to-earth, approachable, and has shown the ability to apply the laws of the Village honestly and fairly.

For many years, Steve was my next-door neighbor to my restaurant, Eleanor Rigby’s, in downtown Mineola.  His door was always open to me, my family and my entire staff.

Steve put himself through Law School while working full-time as an NYS Court Officer.  He is an active on-call criminal defense attorney for the NYPD PBA.  He runs his law firm right here in Mineola.

I’m asking you to please consider Steve and the New Line Party when you vote on March 18th at Village Hall!

Lt. Larry Monachelli
Retired FDNY and former owner of Eleanor Rigby’s

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