Readers Write: Invoke term limits for GNP mayor

Readers Write: Invoke term limits for GNP mayor
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I have been examining the best and worst qualities of public servants. For instance, good leaders are trustworthy. They think critically, communicate clearly and listen attentively. Excellent public servants also understand power, harness citizens’ knowledge  and lead collaboratively. One cannot neglect to recognize the need for public servants to have integrity, good instincts, and foresight. 

Conversely, some of the worst characteristics of public servants and the offices they hold are corruption, dishonesty, unethical conduct, greed, hypocrisy, and arrogance. Of course, both lists feel as if they might potentially contain an infinite number of items. 

I am asking the readers to consider Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender’s leadership qualities as they apply to these lists, or any other reasonable, objective explorations of the role of the elected politician to her public in our post-modern times.

I will state now that I concur with the many readers who write into this publication about the disastrous impact this mayor has been continuing to impose on GNP. Please can we have term limits? How much longer are we the people expected to live under this regime of insanity? Please can we all simply wake up? Thank you for your time.

Monica Braunfeld

Great Neck

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