Readers Write: James Wu does not come to the table with clean hands

Readers Write: James Wu does not come to the table with clean hands

James Wu does not come to the table with clean hands.

Mr. Wu’s past was never checked out and verified by anyone prior to running his campaign. It should be noted that anytime his backer could not control a mayor and the board, another candidate was persuaded to run. That relates back to many other mayors as well. As a resident of over 50 years, I have been a witness to what is alleged.

On Tuesday, May 14, petition sheets were submitted with the names James Wu, William Groel and Eric Beerman listed in the positions for mayor and trustees respectively. James Wu had already signed his Letter of Acceptance and submitted it with his petitions.

Prior to that time, Mr. Wu and others collected 200 signatures from people in the Village who signed for Mr. Wu and the trustees listed on the original application. This is the well-known concept of “bait & switch.”

On Wednesday, May 15t:

  • Wu submitted letters of declination from his trustee candidates Groel and Beerman on Tuesday May 14t, these names were on the original petition submitted. He was able to obtain signatures with those names.
  • On May 15t Wu submitted a signed and notarized letter of acceptance, from his two new trustee candidates, Harold Citron and Julia Shields. These new candidates’ names were not on his original petition.

Although Wu’s acts were not illegal, it would be considered unethical. The only time the names would usually be changed is if the proposed trustee becomes sick or dies. The signatures he collected using different names would be considered fraudulent.

The Bral, Hope and Mendelson petitions were submitted on Monday, May 13. Letters of acceptance for the three candidates were submitted on Wednesday, May 15. No changes were made.

Let us now examine Mr. Wu’s unethical and tainted background. It was published in the New York Daily News on December 12, 2013.

The New Your City Campaign Finance Board fined ex-city Council candidate James Wu for faked records and more.

The Campaign Finance Board fined James Wu nearly $18,000 in penalties-including a $5n000 fine for falsifying records. He obviously lost the election and did not become a member of the council.

In addition, James Wu, a business consultant submitted false documents regarding more than $20,000 provided by the candidate’s brother. Team Wu first reported the money, but later backtracked and characterized it as an advance payment to a vendor.

In total, James Wu was fined for violating all of the following:

  1. Failing to report a bank account
  2. Filing two disclosure statements late
  3. Failing to file daily pre-election disclosure statements
  4. Failing to provide merchant account statements
  5. Accepting three over-the-limit contributions
  6. Accepting a large contribution from a corporation
  7. Failing to properly document two transactions
  8. Failing to provide a petty cash journal
  9. Maintaining a petty cash fund greater than $500
  10. Intentionally furnishing false documentation and information

On Tuesday, June 18t from 12 noon to 9 pm, at the Baker School at 69 Baker Hill Road, we all have an opportunity to make a prudent decision whether to re-elect Mayor Bral or Mr. Wu.

Do we want to reelect an intelligent, honest person with integrity, Mayor Bral or do we want an applicant with questionable credentials that were never investigated prior to choosing Mr. Wu?

C.J. Abraham

Great Neck




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