Readers Write: Kaplan sided with Obama, against Trump on Iran deal

Readers Write: Kaplan sided with Obama, against Trump on Iran deal

I am having a grand time each week watching party shills trip over each other to obfuscate Anna Kaplan’s poor judgment in placing party over principle.

The latest entry is one Matthew Zeidman. A cursory review of his letter history shows a pure-party obsession.

He purposefully does not respond to the facts:

I have worked for and voted for both Republicans and Democrats – including the late Tom Manton, Claire Shulman, Mayor Ed Koch, Sen. Al D’Amato, Gov. George Pataki, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and many, many others – but never with leftists.

I follow Natan Sharansky’s ethos: integrity is when liberal Jews attack anti-Semites on the left and conservative Jews attack anti-Semites on the right. I do both.

Here’s where Zeidman comes in: people like him focus on three dozen neo-Nazis in Idaho and another 5 dozen in Louisiana dancing around David Duke – while he fails to expend his energy on the leftist anti-Semites increasingly dominating the Democratic Party and the left tortures Jewish kids on campuses, with help from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Students for “Justice” in Palestine.

It is the fault of the Jewish community, which comprises the largest per capita donor bases to both parties, that this is allowed to continue.

Follow Zeidman’s diminution of the value of anti-BDS laws and resolutions, such as the actions of Sen. Phillips, and see where you end up. What he calls “pandering” is standing up for the Jewish people.

Shame on those who forget where we Jews were or could be – without a strong Israel. Zeidman needs to see the 1947 film, “A Gentleman’s Agreement.”

Anna Kaplan made a judgment that it was of political value for her to attack dues-paying (big dues at that – I know) AIPAC members for applauding then-candidate Trump over his attacks on Obama and Kerry’s Iran Surrender Plan.

When my team and I brought 20,000 people into Times Square against the deal – with Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, James Woolsey, Michael Mukasey, Carolyn Maloney and so many others…where was Anna Kaplan?

Anyone who puts party before principle is a shill, period.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck

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  1. Extreme “Left”/”Liberal’/”Progressivism” is, itself, a religion that trumps (no pun intended) Judaism, Catholism or any other Western religion. If people understood that, they would understand how people on the extreme left side of the Democratic Party think. You can’t turn them to your point of view anymore than you could with any other person who holds strong views on their religion.


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