Readers Write: Kaplan’s office listened when I lost power

Readers Write: Kaplan’s office listened when I lost power

Like many I lost electric and found PSEG lacking in their response.  They were unreachable and the text they sent with the restoration date was the same for everyone.  More frustrating for me is that the homes across the street and down the block never seem to lose power.

My home was supposed to be put on the medical list after Sandy, since my son is an insulin-dependent diabetic.  It was not.  I called Anna Kaplan’s office and was surprised they answered the phone and listened.  They said they would try to help.  They called back to check on progress.  They told me to go to Willis Avenue to pick up free water and ice from 9-5.  On Friday morning I arrived at 9:15.  The truck was unloading at 9:20.  The extremely rude personnel there said they could not distribute till 10 a.m.  I sat there among a long line of cars watching ice melt in 80 degrees.  I am sure the last car received nothing more than a bag of water.  I have never seen such stupidity.

My electricity returned on Friday at 12:30 p.m.,  not on Saturday at 11 p.m. as stated in the text.  I heard many went beyond that day.  Mrs. Kaplan’s office helped me and I am grateful.  But more than that it was  nice to hear a human caring voice from her staff.  I honestly believe they tried to do everything they could to get me up and running.  PSEG tells you to go online.  How do you do that when you have no electric or internet?

Insulin like many other medications is supposed to be refrigerated not on ice..  With the heat we had to spend a night in a hotel.  The town of North Hempstead needs to check on the trees as many that fell were town trees on the sidewalk.  After Sandy there should have been lessons learned.  We elect people to speak for us.  I would like to thank Kaplan’s office for doing just that.

Jerylan Zacarese

New Hyde Park

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