Readers Write: Let’s shed some light on truth in Manorhaven

Readers Write: Let’s shed some light on truth in Manorhaven

A rebuttal was recently sent to the newspaper in response to Jim Avena’s recent allegations, but only bits and pieces were shared by the newspaper with the public. In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to share my full rebuttal with the residents of Manorhaven.

“The moment I announced my candidacy for mayor was the moment Jim Avena and Gerard Terry began their mission to try to eliminate me from the mayoral race. What I thought was a generous offer from Jim Avena to park in his future brother-in-law’s garage turned out to be part of an intricate scheme. Avena’s Ethics Board is a prejudicial board of friends who Avena appointed when he was elected mayor. He has misused his office and exerted illegal influence on that board. When the board reconvened after my hearing, they dismissed the court stenographer so there would be no public record.

“Jim Avena failed to mention that he lives in a Dejana home rent-free, is still on the Dejana payroll, and the trees in question were unanimously accepted by the Village board with or without my vote. Anyone who interferes with Avena’s agenda is eliminated. This included our very capable Building superintendent who put a stop work order on a Dejana project and was fired. Because he was wrongly terminated by the mayor, he received a sizable award in damages from our taxpayer dollars and has now returned to work.

Look who is calling the kettle black. This hearing has been Avena’s attempt to undermine my candidacy and an attempt to fool the public. I know Manorhaven residents are smarter than this and will make the right choice on June 21 to end the corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars. I refuse to be railroaded and will dedicate myself to winning this race for the good of all Manorhaven residents.”

Ask yourself why Avena did not recuse himself from the Dejana “tree vote.” He is a Dejana employee with a vested interest in keeping his boss happy.

Who’s being honest and who’s not?
The residents can decide.
I hope I can count on your vote on June 21.

Trustee John Popeleski


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