Readers write: Manorhaven mayor grateful for voter turnout

Readers write: Manorhaven mayor grateful for voter turnout

At the special referendum on Oct. 3, residents voted to keep the term of Village Mayor at the present two years, instead of extending it to four years. Almost 500 residents turned out to express their views on this issue, and I am proud of our village for that level of participation.

As you know, this past August, the Board of Trustees unanimously decided to move this matter forward, based on sound “good government” reasoning. Once the vote was scheduled, those in favor of the change made their opinions known to our neighbors and those opposed to the change made their views clear, as well. There was a full, fair and honest discussion of the issue, along with an open and transparent voting process.

When it came to the public vote, a majority of residents disagreed with the change and, therefore, it will not be implemented. Your mayor and trustees accept this decision as the “will of the people” and we will not be bringing it back to you for future consideration.

We know that different people often have different ideas about how to make Manorhaven the best village it can be. However, once a decision is made, the key is to accept it and keep moving forward for the good of our village. That is how democracy truly works! 

In this particular case, the democratic process worked well and our village is the better for it.

Village of Manorhaven Mayor Jim Avena

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