Readers Write: Markowitz a model of integrity, decency

Readers Write: Markowitz a model of integrity, decency

In regard to any articles casting doubt on Steve Markowitz’s intentions and political and religious affiliations, I would like to report my support for Steve’s involvement in the betterment of Great Neck.
I was a very early founding member of HMTC and Steve was most supportive of our goal: the teach young people about the dangers of intolerance. We brought in middle and high school students from schools in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk for intensive all-day tolerance workshops.

The teachers were grateful and students left with heightened awareness.  Steve was most supportive of this program. He certainly never espoused “anti-religious animus”. I never heard any claims about the Great Neck Library From Mr. Markowitz.
As head of the Democratic Party, Steve never took any antagonistic positions toward any groups.
I have known Steve for many years. I was on the board of The Holocaust Center and an Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Great Neck for 11 years (after teaching and being an assistant principal in Great Neck).

At no time during my life and career in Great Neck have I heard Steve disparage any group of people from any community.
I don’t know what this is all about, but Steve Markowitz deserves to be viewed as a model Great Neck resident and a spokesman for decency and integrity

Arlette Sanders, PhD
Former teacher and administrator in GNPS
Former Director at HMTC
Current supporter of Steven Markowitz

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