Readers write: Martins does not follow through on promises

Readers write: Martins does not follow through on promises

A group of citizens, of which I was one, tried to save acres of Kings Point Park, our peninsula’s forest preserve, from being paved over by the village of Kings Point. The village wanted to build Department of Public Works structures where forest trees once protected our water shed, and didn’t want new Department of Public Works on their former location because they hoped to make a profit by selling the old site.

Then-senator Jack Martins told citizens he would be in their corner, and that he knew the value of preserving parkland. Martins said he would not introduce legislation in the senate that would allow the village of Kings Point to use public parkland for a different purpose.

No sooner had Kings Point’s legislation hit the halls of Albany than Jack Martins allowed Kings Point parkland to be taken from the people. The Jack Martins I know makes private promise to citizens but does not follow through, instead making beneficial career moves for himself. It seems Martins’ motto is, “you get what you pay for.”

Elizabeth Allen

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