Readers Write: Martins not receiving respect he has earned

Readers Write: Martins not receiving respect he has earned

I am writing because or my concern with the manner in which your paper has approached the race for Nassau County executive.

I have known former state Sen. Jack Martins since he became a trustee in the Village of Mineola.

As mayor, he straightened out the poor financial situation in the village, which was headed into the fiscal disarray that Nassau County is now in and reduced the village debt while rnaintaining services.

Jack Martins can do the same for Nassau County.

His opponent, who has little experience and whom your paper appears to support, has chosen to campaign on the basis of innuendo and guilt by association which reminds one of the 1950s.

As a former Nassau County District Court Judge. I am referencing the abhorrent campaign ads which refer to the fact that he was recorded talking with someone who was a colleague discussing matters concerning business of New York State.

Ms. Curran’s use of the conversation as somehow nefarious is irresponsible and the paper continuing to build up Curran and tear down Mart ins is equally irresponsible.

Robert Rosenthal


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