Readers Write: More to the NICE held hostage story

Readers Write: More to the NICE held hostage story

There is more to the story of Nassau Inter County Exchange’s inability to obtain federal funds than told by Larry Penner (“MTA Holding NICE Bus Hostage,” 8/2/2021).
First, the author neglects to say that Connecticut is also entitled to a share of the money (7/6/2021, Second, the author neglects to state that (as per the letter) New Jersey and Connecticut have reached an agreement and is waiting for New York.
Third, the author neglects to say that the MTA is alleging that New Jersey is still “sitting on money” from the first bailout, and that is why the MTA, right or wrong, feels it is entitled to more.
The author also fails to say that NICE is run by a public/private partnership, thus (perhaps?) allowing it more flexibility in its operations.
The author fails to state if the lack of additional funding has impacted the service NICE provides (full disclosure: nothing either way is revealed by a Google search).
The author claims the MTA and New Jersey Transit are the biggest systems in the country. The author neglects to say if this is by ridership, number of employees or area covered. According to Google, the MTA is the largest in terms of ridership than either Los Angeles or Washington D.C., then Chicago.

Nat Weiner


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