Readers Write: Now I will be vocal supporting president’s policies

Readers Write: Now I will be vocal supporting president’s policies

I am now vocal in my support of the policies of President Trump.

Note, I did not say his personality. Come on now, we all know he can be quite an ass sometimes.

However, when I look at the bigger picture, it is secondary to me.  All I care about is the fact that his policies are beneficial to the United States of America.

When Obama said “all should pay their fair share”, he was treated like a messiah.  When Trump expects the same from neighboring countries, the left is appalled.

The claim that he’s “ripping children from their mother’s arms” at the border is preposterous.  Amnesia must have set in since Obama warned those attempting to cross over into this country illegally.

I support and pray for the wall to be built.

Not because I am a racist Nazi, but because I don’t want my country to end up like ancient Rome, Sweden, England, France, Belgium or Germany.

The Democrat Party has truIy become unhinged.

I am not a racist, misogynist, a bigot or a women hater because I am pro-life. (Happily, my mother was, too!).

I have two children and just go about my day and try to make a difference in this world. That’s all! Yet the media portrays me as the enemy?

Why?  Because I support President Trump?

I feel as if i’m witnessing some type of mass hysteria and psychosis sweeping the media and the nation. They tried to justify their vitriolic behavior by drawing a moral equivalent to what the President had said and done. Really?

When did it become acceptable to call for:

Execution. (Madonna)

Murder and rape of a child? (Peter Fonda)

Physical Assault of the president? (Robert De Niro)

Assasination? (Johnny Depp)

President Trump never called any of Obama’s Daughters, “Feckless C****” (Samantha Bee).

President Trump never called for mobs of people to surround members of the Democratic party when they were at restaurants with their families or at supermarkets or gas stations. Senior Democrat Congresswoman, Maxine Waters did and received no reprimand for doing so.   Lovely.

That is the difference. There is no moral equivalent here!

The Democrats have become completely unhinged.

America will decide on Nov. 6 who they want to lead this great nation.

Get ready, because the silent majority of Americans are actually decent people.

Rosanne Spinner

New Hyde Park


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