Readers Write: Obeying the speed limit saves lives

Readers Write: Obeying the speed limit saves lives

It’s time for a day of reckoning and an understanding that school bus drivers have a difficult job but they also need better training in security, safety and traffic laws.

All too often I’ve seen buses cruise through stop signs and often speeding. 

There has to be an end to this.  

Let’s not be hypocritical though, so many residents in our community drive a monster usually black SUV, with a cell phone in one hand a latte in the other as they speed way over the limits and cruise right through stop signs too. 

It’s no accident that this community’s youngest drivers also drive with flagrant disregard for the laws, usually the fancier the car the more flagrant the disregard. 

Try to fully stop at a stop sign and see what happens?

When they’re in a hurry behind you, you’re going to get honked or passed.

Everyone just has to slow down on our streets.

Don’t you realize that the lights are timed for the speed limits?

Try driving 40, 45 or 50 in a 30 Zone.

There’s no question you’re going to be braking at all of the next red lights ahead.

Then try doing 30 in a 30 zone or 35 in a 35 like on Willis Avenue between the LIE and 25A where drivers do 50 plus just to sit at a red light a few cars in front of you.

And they’re usually pissed that after swerving in and out of lanes on that small stretch of road that they have to wait at all.

If you drive 35 it should not be a revelation that you’re going to hit every green light and probably have so many car lengths between your car and the next car in front of you.

No matter what time of day the North Service Road between Glen Cove Road and Roslyn Road has a 30 mph limit.

Come to East Hills traffic court and see how much of a fine that comes to when you get caught doing 50 plus.

Our judge shows no mercy and the lame excuses are pathetic. 

The greatest safety fix of all time is increased reaction time, more space leads to fewer accidents.

Stop texting and driving distracted and presto like magic your life just improved. 

Slow down!

Bill Spitalnick

East Hills 

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