Readers Write: A pop quiz for national politics in 2017

Readers Write: A pop quiz for national politics in 2017

Hark back to yesteryear when you were a student in high school or college.

Innocent and unsuspecting, you entered the classroom only to hear the fateful words – “Put your books away; we are going to have a pop-quiz.” You experienced fear and trepidation! I ask you now to relive those painful moments in time.

Pop-Quiz Instructions:

If you believe the statement below is “True,” place the letter “T” in the space provided. If you think the item is “false,” place the letter “F.”

____ 1. Since he believes that the 2016 election was “rigged, Trump has created a Voter Fraud Commission.

____ 2. Fifty-three out of the 100 senators are “climate deniers.”

____ 3. Trump’s “corporate cabinet” includes Tillerson,  Mnuchin,   Sessions, DeVos, Ross, Chao, Price and McMahon.

____ 4. The Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act would eliminate coverage for over 23.000.00 Americans.

____ 5. Progressives seek a Constitutional amendment which would overturn the Supreme Court decision in the “Citizens United” case.

____ 6. In 2017, 31 state legislatures introduced 99 anti-voting bills.

____ 7. Thirty-nine per-cent of prisoners (576,000 persons) are serving time for offences which don’t involve a compelling public safety issue.

____ 8. The Huffington Post catalogued how many lies Trump told in the course of just one town hall event. The number was 71.

____ 9. In 1973, Trump and his father were charged by the Justice Department with violation of the Fair Housing Act for turning away potential African-American tenants.

___ 10. A person is more likely to be struck by lightening than to impersonate another voter at the polls.

Pencils down. Pass your papers forward. All you geniuses who said that all the statements above are true got 100 percent. Anyone who wishes to question any item may hire a lawyer, seek help from a spiritual advisor, or write to your Congressperson.

If one examines the subject of the items on the quiz, one has an idea as to some of the problems facing our country in the 21st Century. Or, one can listen to the words of Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen (a group founded by Ralph Nader. )

We have never seen an administration like [that of] Trump. His disdain for democratic norms…its willingness to sacrifice the well-being of everyday Americans for the interests of the corporate class, its vicious anti-immigrant policies and its casual flirtation with fascistic ideas and groups have no parallel in modern American history.

The times in which we live are unprecedented. Only today did Trump again use profanity (S.O.B.s) to belittle the N.F.L. players who “took a knee” during the singing of our National Anthem.

He also lied when he said that the football players were showing disrespect for our country and our flag. Au contraire!

They were exercising their 1st amendment right of free speech. Finally, he lost the support of a group which had strongly supported him – N.F.L. owners, particularly Robert Kraft owner of the New England Patriots who had given one million dollars to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Dr. Hal Sobel,

Great Neck







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