Readers Write: Republicans should call for Santos to resign

Readers Write: Republicans should call for Santos to resign

As a Republican, let me articulate where Republicans should be on the question of George

Many Republicans, discussing Santos, have presented the argument that the media, corporate governance, academia and much of today’s societal structure provide a “free ride” to most liberals and Democrats for their detestable views or potential or real crimes.

They mention Omar, Tlaib, Hunter Biden, AOC and a whole host of genuinely detestable personages.

At the same time, this “structure” pounces on Republican miscues. They also have “identity-politicked” America into a veritable sewer of race, diversity, equity and other non-constitutional nonsense untrue to our founding principles and which eliminate all matter of merit.

This is true.
They say that Santos will provide slack for the very slim majority in the House.
This is true.
They say that this area waited for 50 years for a chance to have a Republican representative.
This is true.
So – what is also true?
The failure of Republican party leaders to vet a candidate for Congress is a stain on the state and local party.

Santos is more than a liar; he is a grifter and may be an elder abuser, who operated with a mother who may be the nightmare of anyone who requires care for an elderly parent.

Who would want their son or daughter to have employment as a staffer for Santos on their resume? Who will want to partner in legislation with Santos? Who would desire the “Honorable George Santos” as a guest for district ceremonial events?

I worked directly for moderate Democrats and Republicans for 20 years: Tom Manton, Claire Shulman, Ed Koch, Al D’Amato and George Pataki.

I know what they would think:
George Santos must resign and build an honest life – but not on our backs. As a Republican and resident of this district, I want a special election.

I agree with Robert Zimmerman on this and if another, vetted and qualified Republican – wins, that will be fine. And if Bob Zimmerman wins, that is far better for all of us than George Santos as a representative.

He must go or we will, for all intents and purposes, have no representative in Congress for two years.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld
Great Neck

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  1. Ms Jackie Silver of Great Neck was quoted in the NYT “everyone fabricates their resume.” Do you want your medical care given by physicians or nurse practitioners who fabricated their resumes? She does say it is not “correct”. Boy, lady, are you right. Not correct, immoral and just plain wrong. Do you allow your children to lie to you? I would bet you voted for the sexual predator, financial thief and soon to be indicted criminal Donald Trump and would do so again. How sad for us as a country that you are even allowed to vote.

  2. I semi-respect Jeffrey Weinstein, a Republican, to call out for Santos’ removal from office. But I have no idea what he is referring to when he writes: “societal structure provide a “free ride” to most liberals and Democrats for their detestable views or potential or real crimes.”

    Can he point to a single Democrat who has gotten away with potential or real crimes? Did Al Franken or Andrew Cuomo?

    I submit that Democrats eat their young over potential or real crimes. Can Republicans say the same? Trump is still running his mouth off and so are his felonious cronies whom he pardoned. Can you imagine Democrats coming anywhere close to inciting an insurrection, blatantly lying and breaking the law, owning up to it, and then carrying with business and usual?

    Mr. Weinstein would have had my unreserved respect if he had called out Santos without besmirching Democrats.


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