Reader’s Write: A call for action by Manorhaven Civic Association

Reader’s Write: A call for action by Manorhaven Civic Association

On behalf of all residents, we request that the officials of the Village of Manorhaven, as a function of their responsibility to supervise various activities in the village, and to fulfill their due diligence in maintaining the welfare of their residents:

Perform a comprehensive environmental assessment of the entire village, by inviting the state Department of Environmental Conservation, and other relevant governmental agencies including the Town of North Hempstead, to conduct a thorough environmental assessment and analysis of all permitted uses of toxic or unhealthy materials …

At all industrial and commercial sites within the jurisdiction of the Village. These sites include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Thypin Steel 11-acre brownfield property on Manhasset Isle with its long history of contaminates to assess its suitability for development;
  2. The cell tower on Pequot Avenue to assess any harmful radiation and the potential for a toxic sulfur spill from its generator;
  3. The problematic storage and disposal waste oil and other hazardous chemicals by any entity; and finally
  4. Dejana Industries trucking lot on Manorhaven Boulevard (and other Dejana locations) to review the history of their land purchases, grandfathered permits to operate their business, any history of violations for storage and/or release of toxic materials, including oil, road salt and contaminated sludge.  In particular, special care should be taken to look at the impact of contaminated runoff onto the adjacent Nature Preserve, the location of drainage pipes and dry-wells to collect rainwater; the composition and strength of the underlying fill in the parking lots, and the location of any containment barriers along the steep hillside;

Performing this environmental analysis will restore the confidence of residents that the Trustees are actively involved in protecting the health and safety of their community.

Caroline S. DuBois

Acting Secretary, Manorhaven Action Committee (MAC)

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