Readers Write: Residents for Better Munsey Park cross a line

Readers Write: Residents for Better Munsey Park cross a line

I am writing to express my dismay about a [email protected]  email blast sent on March 12 regarding the March 20 Munsey Park election.

I will be voting for my friend John Turano for village justice and it is no secret that I also intend to vote for Brian Dunning and Nathy Yakaitis for election to the Munsey Park Board of Trustees.

We certainly have no problem with the fact that the March 12 email was used to forward letters supporting the candidacy of Jen Noone and Anthony Sabino,  though it is disappointing that Rita and I who have lived in Munsey Park for 32 years have been excluded from the [email protected] email group by those in charge.

What is most disappointing, however, is that those responsible for the email group saw fit to write the following warning in the email: “Warning, these letters are from your neighbors (not former village officials), the message is positive and addresses the candidate’s accomplishments, experience and fitness for office.” 

So now those of us who served the Village of Munsey Park are no longer considered neighbors?

What kind of nonsense is this? Between 1994 and 2006 I spent countless hours serving the Village as a Trustee and Deputy Mayor.

Rita also volunteered her time on the tree committee and other projects including the Waldmann and Copley parks and the Hunt Lane walkway.

We volunteered our time not for any personal gain or ego gratification, but because we were Munsey Park residents and your neighbors.

We are all neighbors, including those of us who have volunteered valuable time to serve on Village committees and, yes, even as trustees.

A frank and open discussion of the issues is not a bad thing and there will always be disagreements. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we should all work together for a better community.

So I say Shame On You [email protected].

Vince Syracuse

Munsey Park



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