Readers Write: Revive Great Neck Plaza

Readers Write: Revive Great Neck Plaza
Last night (Feb. 26th) I attended a resident meet and greet at 25 Canterbury Road for the Plaza’s mayoral team running for election: Ted Rosen for mayor, and Pam Marksheid and Michael Deluccia for trustees.
Their response to resident concerns about traffic fatalities and village safety was clear. Ted Rosen noted that there is nothing that can be done to improve traffic fatalities and that no policing in the village can be implemented at the current time.
In addition, it was noted that problems on Grace Avenue are under the jurisdiction of the county because Grace Avenue is a county road. The only explanation that was given was that the streets that empty onto Grace Avenue require leveling; and the village representative, Pam Marksheid, did not offer any resolution. The answer was they would look into it.
The only item that brought positive notation was the possibility of obtaining State Small Business Administration Grants for the Great Neck Plaza small business community. But these grants have always been available. When and why were they not sought previously?
Each individual representative spoke, yet they did not bring any new ideas or honest new interest in community measures. The evening rehashed the same old matters—and no new resolutions were addressed.
That is exactly what we can expect if we elect the Ted Rosen team. Leonard Katz and his team will make a difference because they care about the community and its residents.
Please come out and vote for the “Revive Great Neck Plaza” team on March 18th. We need to send the message that we want more than just the same tired rhetoric for our village.
Sarah Ullmann
Village of Great Neck Plaza

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