Readers Write: Suozzi the best candidate for NY-3

Readers Write: Suozzi the best candidate for NY-3

For constituents of the NY-03 Congressional district, the upcoming special election for congressperson is an important one, particularly after emerging from the chaos and embarrassment caused by George Santos.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike felt shocked, duped, hurt, angry, violated, and, most importantly, unrepresented in Congress.

Right now, this is not a Democrat or Republican Issue. It’s a moment for healing and restoring our district as an important and viable one that needs to be heard and represented.

When we have to make medical decisions for ourselves or our loved ones, we check out the doctor’s credentials and the extent of their experience with the particular illness.

I suggest we should be doing the same thing when voting for our NY 3rd Congressperson. We owe it to ourselves to have the most knowledgeable and experienced person as our representative in Congress.

For this election, that person is Tom Suozzi. He has done the job and done it well. He is very dedicated to listening and hearing the views of his constiuents, Democrats and Republicans alike, and is then able to find common ground in order to responsibly represent us in Congress.

And isn’t that what our forefathers had in mind when establishing the structure and powers of Congress, that congresspeople represent their constituency, not their own needs?

It is up to us to be the NY 3rd District that we’ve always been by going out to vote either on the early votig days (Feb.3-11) or on the Special Election Day, Feb 13. I’m voting for Tom Suozzi who knows what to do starting on day one.

Andrea Katz

Great Neck

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  1. Spot on! This is no time for another novice in Congress to represent us in the district. I have heard Mazi several times. She really has no clue about what is going on, and merely throws out soundbites fed to her by the extreme wing of the Republican party.


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