Readers Write: The Right Stuff: David Zielenziger and Liman Mimi Hu

Readers Write: The Right Stuff: David Zielenziger and Liman Mimi Hu

Time has come for the Great Neck community to choose their candidates for the Library Trustee Board.

Some (perhaps many) of us think that this election is not important as compared to the school budget and board vote, especially since the library budget is not even being voted on in this case.

This is a common misconception as the Library Board sets the direction on how the library budget (that is, your tax dollars) is spent.

Almost every one of us in the community has enjoyed the vast resources provided by the Great Neck library, from an information source to cultural activities, and yes, a place to hang out.

To ensure our library remains a model of excellence, I want to endorse David Zielenziger and Liman Mimi Hu for the library trustee positions.

I had the good fortune of meeting David Zielenziger years ago when I ran for the Great Neck school board.

He was a fellow alumnus from Princeton and I soon found out, an excellent writer, who helped me with some of my campaign materials.

Besides his obvious intellect and love for words and books, what I admire most about David is his passion for the community.  Having lived in Great Neck for 37 years, David genuinely cares about our town.

He is involved in many civic activities, voicing his opinions and challenging (school, village, you name it) administration about the decisions that they are making.  You may not always agree with his position, but you cannot deny that he constantly keeps our elected officials on their toes.

I cannot think of a better person who will make sure that our library trustees make careful deliberations for the good of our community.

Unless of course, her name is Mimi Hu, who has dedicated herself to being a conduit of the burgeoning Chinese community and other Great Neck residents.

Being the communications chair of Great Neck Chinese Association, she has tirelessly made herself available for cultural interactions among many diverse groups within Great Neck.  In addition, she is involved in the school PTA and shared decision making.  And most importantly, she recognizes the role of the library in our community and has the vision to evolve it to meet the needs of many ethnic groups.

At the same time, she wants our library to continue to be the foundation from which residents of different background can find materials that reflect their own identities as well as other cultures.

In doing so, she will make sure our library remains the basis of our future American value.

Hence, please vote on Oct. 29 and cast your ballot for David and Mimi.

By Dr. Chris Huang

Great Neck



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