Readers Write: Times to head north to open spaces

Readers Write: Times to head north to open spaces

I find it extremely sad and touching, that local residents still think their voices are heard by local politicians.

They believe, still, that the gigantic political, money and influence machine that now dominates Nassau county can be stopped or slowed in its devastating death march toward the destruction of a once beautiful and peaceful place to live.

Maybe some of us have been here too long – 40, 50 even 60 years. Yes, it’s true, once, Nassau county was suburbia. It had fresh and clean air, clean water beaches, small houses sheltered by trees, little trucking, men in coats and hats dashing to catch diesel trains, kids actually walking to schools, with churches and synagogues packed to the rafters.

It’s all gone. It’s like a quaint chapter in a fifth-grader’s history book, and it’s never coming back — at least not here.

If you’re young enough, or energetic enough, consider leaving. Take your kids north, to open spaces where they can go snowshoeing, or south to a small lake or pond where kids still fish and swim. And if jobs or money is an issue, live simpler, more homey lives.

God knows this county is big. And if you find someplace really wonderful, let me know: I won’t be far behind.

Jo Dimino

Williston Park

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