Readers Write: Trump exposes Dems’ failed policies

Readers Write: Trump exposes Dems’ failed policies

Here’s an old, irrefutable chestnut: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!

But Regressives refuse to learn that lesson and are yet again falling into the chasm of a trap President Trump has set for them.

Listen to the uproar the mostly-leftist media bleat every minute of every day: Why aren’t the president and his Republican colleagues saying anything, doing anything about all the destruction and madness that the [Democrat-approved] anarchists are wreaking throughout the country––the arson, smashed windows, destroyed businesses, separatist zones, defund-the-police initiatives, out-of-control thuggery, on and on?

Because The president knows that even in this Age of Communication––where instant text messages and emojis and YouTube videos and Instagram pictures invade the airways literally billions of times a day–– doing nothing and saying nothing can still be more powerful.

By letting the 24-7 TV pictures speak for themselves, President Trump is providing all 330 million people in America––and the other  8 billion people around the world––an upfront view of what leftism/liberalism/regressivism is all about.

While he faithfully adheres to the U.S. Constitution’s mandate to allow the states to conduct their own affairs, he is giving those states the rope he knows will hang them, as is already obvious in the imploding cities of Seattle, Manhattan, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, and all the other Democrat-run cities and states where chaos reigns.

To name just two examples, he’s allowing all the world to see the startling incompetence and hypocrisy of the Democratic mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, and the aberrational behavior of Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who put his America-loathing Democrat wife Chirlane in charge of the destruction of historic statues––she who cannot account for another billion she was given for mental-health programs.

In the same way, the president is allowing America and the world to see the ongoing, years-long, black-on-black carnage that takes place every week in Chicago, and to wonder why clueless Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot makes the case that Black Lives Don’t Matter at all in her city.

And he is giving the world a bird’s eye view of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom––now fighting a recall vote––who has let the major cities in his state, Los Angeles and San Francisco (Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s turf), become meccas of homelessness, with thousands of crude tents and cardboard shanties lining street after street, while tens of thousands of mentally ill and addicted people lie in the gutters.  Used needles and disease-carrying filth are everywhere, and there are piles of animal and human feces every few feet.

Meanwhile, President Trump can take full credit for issuing the Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues––with a mandatory penalty of 10 years in prison––as well as combating recent criminal violence. And equally full credit for opening up America and seeing:

  • The U.S. economy added an incredible 4.8 million jobs in June–– beating estimates by 1.7 million jobs––the largest monthly increase ever recorded.
  • The addition of an amazing 7.5 million jobs over the past two months.
  • The unemployment rate also fell to 11.1%.
  • The nation has now recovered roughly one-third of the 22 million jobs it lost to the pandemic.
  • The Dow Jones industrial average has had the best quarter in 33 years (up 17.77%).
  • NASDAQ up 30.63 percent in 90 days.

Except for the clinically insane Democrat politicians on the East and Left coasts, the vast majority of American citizens want to pursue their careers, raise their families, and have money in their pockets, peace in their hearts and safety in their homes.

President Trump knows this in every fiber of his being. But not one single Democrat has a clue.

Joan Swirsky

Great Neck

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