Readers Write: Trump folds when asking Putin about elex meddling

Readers Write: Trump folds when asking Putin about elex meddling

Last week our President went to Europe to attend the G20 meeting of the Western nations.

Expectation was expressed on this side of the Atlantic that he would perform more impressively than he shows in his usual belligerent, confused, disorganized planning.

Initially, surprisingly, Donald Trump delivered a statesman-like speech to the Polish nation which was well received.

He stuck to the teleprompter to read a message which one can assume was carefully drafted by the speech writers who can be credited for the content.

Trump personally cannot be described as possessing what could be called any form of natural eloquence. He spoke of defending the values of the West, but it is obvious that he is not equipped to do so.

His ignorance of history, and his uneasy awkwardness, were so evident in the sophisticated environment of the experienced, articulate world leaders at the G20.

They obviously have decided to work around him to do their business, especially in the areas of climate change and globalization.

Very quickly he disappointed, or worse, betrayed those Americans who expected, or at least hoped, that he would meet with Putin to confront him about the Russian hacking of our election.

Obviously, Putin denied that it had occurred and while Trump should have strongly insisted that there would be consequences, both the president and the Secretary of State afterwards claimed this had occurred.

Without any recording of such an exchange, and a weak statement that they wanted to go forward rather than dwelling on the past, Putin won that round.

Trump, ever willing to yield to autocrats, declared it was an honor to meet with Putin, and capitulated to Putin’s objection to another announced aim of the meeting, that the parties agree on a statement condemning North Korea for its dangerous development of long range missiles.

He did not press Putin on another desired issue, the invasion of Crimea, because Trump is reputed to be a beneficiary.

They then ludicrously agreed to form a Cyber Security Unit with Russia! And Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin touted this brilliant idea!

Fortunately, that idea quickly died an ignominious death.

Enough of this regrettable evidence of the descent of our reputation in the world.

Much more is to be discovered.

We owe it to ourselves to be informed, to fight for the truth and to vigorously and consistently oppose any opposition.

There are more of us than them.

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park

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