Readers Write: Trump’s comments about Charlottesville taken out of context

Readers Write: Trump’s comments about Charlottesville taken out of context

Let me address your commentary about hate and Charlottesville from your oped of 9/25/20.

The city of Charlottesville Virginia had voted to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a local park. Some people wanted to keep the statue and many had gathered at the Park to make their wants known.

On Aug. 12, 2017 a Unite the Right Rally was organized that included White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and a small militia group.  They were met by counter-protestors and Civil Rights Activists.

Fighting occurred between the groups that was eventually quelled by police.  There were peaceful protestors marching in addition to the extremist groups and, at some point, one of the White Supremacists backed his car up at a high speed down the street through the peaceful protestors killing one person and injuring 19.

At 3 pm., President Trump made a statement.

“We condemn in the strongest, possible terms the egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, many sides.  It’s been going on for a long time” (not entire quote, can be read online). In ensuing interviews in the next two days, he said there “Were good people on both sides” and later explained that he was talking about the peaceful protestors that were also marching to protest. He condemned the White Supremacists and the Neo-Nazis and has done it over and over again (all on videos that I have seen).

Trump was chastised everywhere for not, initially, calling out these groups by name and he explained that he did not have all the facts about what happened on August 12th and wanted to be sure of the scenario. Joe Biden continues

to lie about this event and at the debate this past week, Chris Wallace, a biased plant if there ever was one, had the chutzpah to ask Trump if he denounces these groups as if he doesn’t remember he asked the same question in 2016 and got the same answer then.

He added Proud Boys, out of nowhere, and pressured Trump to denounce them, he didn’t even know who they were. I didn’t either.  They have been inconsequential in the violence since George Floyd’s death.  Did he ask Biden to call out Antifa or BLM, the terrorist groups that are currently destroying this country’s cities?  Not on his biased life.

Now we have two hate groups, BLM and Antifa traveling all over the country spewing hate , looting, committing acts of arson, murder, beatings, bomb throwing, and are they called out by name?  Are there white supremacists and Neo-Nazis that cause trouble? Yes, but not in this mayhem.

They are wearing shirts, hats and carrying the signs of BLM.  They are chanting, spitting in the faces of police, cursing and acting like degenerates and encouraging death to cops and actually shooting them.  Talk about hypocrisy. Then there is Antifa, all in black cowardly faces covered, running around with their bats looking for a head to slam.  They also have flags very visible on video.

Joe Biden denies they are organized, they are just an “idea.”  I have news for you Joe, ideas do not show up with pickup trucks loaded with bricks in the back and have them promptly removed and stashed (on video), trucks whose backs are opened and lead pipes and frozen water bottles removed along with bats and other projectiles.  That takes organization and money.  These are not spontaneous actions.

Divisiveness in America, you say?  What could ever cause that?  Trump again?. Racism against whites is occurring right under your nose and what do you say about it? Nothing. Now it is ‘white privilege”, “white guilt,” racial sensitivity training to tell us how bad and racist we are, mobs demanding whites kneel and and raise their fists in restaurants, people being pulled from their cars by mobs, even elderly whites being knocked to the ground and beaten.  Whites being attacked by white mobs, all captured on video for all to see.  Who is to blame?  It is not Trump.  These groups are being supported financially by people with money to spare, a hatred for this country and a wish to destroy all that is good about it.

Democratic leadership is allowing the mayhem to go on. More to come next week.

Gayle Palmer

Editors Note: FBI Director Chris Wray recently testified before a House committee that Antifa was more an ideology, not an organized group. He also testified that Black Lives Matter was not being investigated as a terror group.

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  1. Like his mentor Comey and former coworkers Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Wray seems to live in an alternate universe where he gets his intelligence from Goebellists like CNN, MSN, NYT and the Washington Post. Antifa’s ideology is Bolshevism, while BLM’s ideology is Marxism, but BLM is starting to lean more towards Bolshevism. Wray and the editor would be better informed if they spent some time viewing the videos of the recent destructive and deadly Antifa and BLM organized riots in Democrat controlled cities.
    In conclusion, to eliminate opposition, political dissent and threats to its own power the tactics of Bolshevism include intimidation and violence which always escalates to terrorism.


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